Things To Know Before Working In Dubai

Things To Know Before Working In Dubai

In Dubai, the native Emirates total up to less than 15% of the living population. The rest 85%+ are the expats and immigrants. 

Do you know why? Well, the answer is easy enough. Dubai is a global financial hub that offers great career opportunities. To top it off they provide well-furnished accommodations on rents & leases and a tax-free salary. Now you know why ex-pats from worldwide – especially from South Asian Countries – are flocking to Work in Dubai.

I am sure you all are already aware of these facts and have decided upon working in Dubai. First and foremost let me congratulate you on your decision. However, do remember that informed decisions are the best decisions, and thus, before anything else, you need input on what it would mean to work in Dubai. So, here we are – with our list of things you need to know before you Working In Dubai. 

  • The Job opportunities: While it is not that difficult to find a job in Dubai, it is not very easy too. There are various Job Portals and PEO’s through which you can find a Dubai Job. Another option would be approaching a reliable Dubai work visa provider and consultant. As consultants, they provide services to help you through Dubai Job-seeking processes. 

  • Dubai work visa process: Once you have a job offer, be happy, half of your work is done. Because, in UAE, your employer will be the one responsible to pay for your visa, flight, etc. You simply need to provide all the necessary documents, and they will begin to work on your Dubai work visa process. The laws in Dubai are rather strict, and hence, you cannot work without your work permit. You’ll require a minimum of 3 months' work visa.

  • The Dubai Labor Laws: When you are signing your job contract with your employer, make sure your contract holds all the information about the job description, qualification, working hours, etc. In Dubai, the maximum working hours are 9 hours a day. With most of the employers providing holiday on Friday & Saturday; and some providing holiday only on Friday i.e. the official rest day in Dubai. The annual leave granted is around 30 calendar days and overtime pays 1.25 times the regular rate. As workers, you are covered with medical insurance, for which your employer pays.

  • Residence in Dubai: Once you reach Dubai for work, your first concern will be your accommodations. Buying properties in Dubai is rather expensive, but you can easily rent or lease out well-furnished flats. For residence, you have to apply for and acquire a residence permit within the first 2 months of moving to Dubai. To bring your family – your spouse, parents, children, etc. – to Dubai, you can apply for a visa on their behalf. This will require all their documents and your relation proofs. If you have consulted a Dubai work visa provider, all of this can be made easier with you being guided along the complete process.

  • The cultural practices in Dubai: Dubai in crux is an Islamic country. Thus, while it welcomes people of all religions and respects all religions; it also expects its residents to respect Islamic religions and behave accordingly. Remember that Muslims pray 5 times a day and at the respective times, there will be calls for prayers through speakers. You are not allowed to play music during the prayers. Their laws are strict when it comes to observing Islamic beliefs. You CANNOT be disrespectful of their beliefs or you can face heavy fines, punishments, penalties, by the law. 

  • Personal relationships & Public behavior in Dubai: Speaking of laws, premarital sexual relationship is forbidden. Living with your partner without marriage is illegal in Dubai. If you are a family person, then it's no problem for you. However, remember to limit the public display of affections with your partner. Holding hands is okay, but hugging or kissing in public is a big no. The same goes for your dressing – it needs to be conservative. Women are to always cover their back, shoulders, and abdominal area. Men too are supposed to cover their torso, and underwear should not be visible. Speaking of Public behavior, drinking is restricted too. You need to acquire a special drinking license if you wish to drink.

  • The Dubai Lifestyle: With easily renting flats, or employer-provided housing facilities, you get to maintain a decent lifestyle in Dubai. And good news for car lovers- owning a car is possible due to decent prices and cheap petrol. Also, as Dubai has ex-pats from all over the world, the food, and culture there is a hotpot, an amalgamation of various religions and cultures, and you can easily create a place for yourselves there. There are great places for vacationing here and many options for entertainment. Also, Shopoholic alert! Dubai is your dream place if you're a vivid shopper. There are numerous supermarkets, shopping malls, all with good quality products. Also, electronics and gold are cheap here.

These were some of our pointers about things you should know before working in Dubai. Be informed, be prepared, and save yourselves some cultural shock or some high penalties and punishment. For now, all the best for finding your way to Work in Dubai!