25 Reasons Why Goa Is Famous As India's Most Popular Tourist Destination

25 Reasons Why Goa Is Famous As India's Most Popular Tourist Destination

Have you been bitten by the Goa bug yet? 

If yes, you know that Goa is like a fever. You get it every year and it doesn’t go until you treat yourselves to a tour to Goa.

And if you are not doing so every year, read on! We are going to give you 25 reasons Why Goa is Famous and why you need to be in Goa. This state has so much to offer in terms of tourism to its visitors. No matter if you are a party lover, or have an affinity to water, or have an adventurous spirit, or a spiritual soul, or a literary person, or shopaholic, or... (We can simply go on with the list), this land of beaches has multiple personalities which have everything to engage every tourist.

Reasons Why Goa is Famous as India’s Most Popular Tourist Destination

  1. Beaches everywhere: Goa is the smallest state in India, but has about 22 beaches that are the main attraction.   Goa’s beaches make it the most popular tourist place. Calangut, Anjuna, Baga, Vagator, Candolim, Palolem, etc. are some well-known beaches you cannot miss. 

  2. Stay by the beaches: There are many well-serviced Shacks-cum-hotels and beach huts in Goa where you can stay at. Curlies beach shack, Bobby’s beach shack, Rudy’s Golden Mermaid beach shack, etc are some names to look out for.

  3. The Yoga Retreats: Beaches at Goa also offer Yoga Retreats for the healthy mind and body lovers. Early morning, with the sun rising and the sound of sea-waves in the background, cleanse your soul and hone your body with Yoga.

  4. The Party Capital: We repeat, Goa is the Party Capital of India. So, you absolutely cannot miss out on its party scene. Goa has several pubs, bars, nightclubs, lounges, beach parties. The Club LPK, SinQ Night Club, The HillTop, Club Tito’s, etc. are some famous partying places. Tito’s lane requires a special mention as the most happening party place.

  5. Partying for the environment friendly: Considering the tourists who are increasingly aware of noise pollution caused, there are also some places which offer headphone parties. Silent Noise, Leopard Valley, Alpha Bar, The Laughing Buddha, etc. are the clubs offering them.

  6. The Butterflies: Even if you may not consider yourselves an entomophile, surely you love at least one insect – butterflies! Butterflies were created to show the beauty of nature. Goa has a butterfly conservatory that houses exotic and rare species of butterflies which is a no miss. Fun fact, there is also a ‘butterfly beach in Goa’ which is butterfly-shaped and has plantations that attract butterflies.

  7. Goa’s Wildlife: Goa isn’t only about water, it’s about greens too. It has several sanctuaries where you can visit to observe wildlife ranging from the Malabar Giant Squirrel, to the Indian Bison. The Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, or Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary, etc. are some to mention. Also, there is a Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary which is a must-visit for avid bird watchers.

  8. Fun with the largest land animal: If you have not guessed it yet, yes it’s an elephant. You can go for an elephant tour, enjoy riding and have them give you a splashing bath too. A day spent with these giant yet kind looking mammals will be well spent. 

  9. Dolphin spotting: Usually considered as one of the most intelligent animals, dolphins are loved by all. Goa offers Dolphin cruises at Baga, Calangut, Candolim, etc. beaches to sight dolphins playing and swimming in the waters.

  10. For the love of fishing: If seafood makes your mouth water, how about finding your food to cook? You try your hand at various forms of fishing. Go deep-sea fishing, bottom fishing, fly fishing, inshore/offshore river fishing, etc. Be patient and try your luck/skills; catch them hook, line and sinker; or simply enjoy it as sports.

  11. The authentic Goan Sea-Food: Goan cuisine is well-known globally and a trip to Goa is not complete without tasting this exotic, flavourful cuisine. You can find authentic goan food at Calamari, Souza Lobo, Britto’s, Boby’s beach shack, etc.

  12. The liquor: No party feels complete without liquor; and in Goa, you will find plenty of it. This is because the tax levied on liquor – even international liquor – is lower in Goa. Thus, it is served throughout the party capital. Of course, don’t forget the traditional drink of Feni and the famous Prawn Cocktail at Curlies (Anjuna Beach)

  13.  Touring the Feni making farms: Feni is the traditionally prepared drink from fermented cashews and coconuts. You cannot visit Goa and not try it. You can even especially visit Feni making farms in Goa.

  14. Cruising on the waters: Cruisisng on the waters of the Arabian sea has its own beauty which you cannot miss. Or you can even go cruising on the Mandovi river to further explore the Islands of Divvvar, Vanxim, Chorao, Portugal colonies. Food and dance is mostly a part of the cruise.

  15. Goan Backwaters: If you have a love for cruising and prefer to do it while immersed in nature, backwater cruising is just for you. Capture the setting sun reflecting in the Goan backwaters, sail through the night and sleep to the lullaby of waves, and wake to the rising sun shining upon you.

  16. Water sports for the adventurous souls: With so many beaches, adventurous souls can find various adrenaline pumping and even soothing water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, underwater walking, parasailing, banana boat rides, surfing, water skiing, kayaking, etc.

  17. Witness four-tiered waterfall: Dudsagar waterfall is one of India’s largest and has incomparable scenic beauty. Also, if you have the wanderer’s soul, you can always go trekking to Dudhsagar fall bottom.

  18. The Churches, Temples, and Forts: Goa was a Portuguese colony and during their rule, several churches were built. Visiting them, you can explore the rich architecture of those times and also the protugal influence. Also, there are some beautifully built temples which you can visit. Other than that there are various forts you can visit. Do not forget to witness the sunset from the Chapora Fort.

  19. Celebrate Goa at the carnival: Every February, for 4 days, Goa Carnival is celebrated. The whole state joins in the celebration and excitement, and the streets are fun-filled. So, you can always plan your Goa trip in Feb.

  20. Goa in December: December is special in Goa. Christmas is long-awaited and celebrated with great pomp. So that come December, the state is completely being decked for the festivities. Also, the sunburn festival, which is an epitome of music and fun is celebrated for 3 consecutive days in December.

  21. Renting vehicles: In Goa, you can hire bikes or even jeeps. Thus, if you are not bringing your vehicle, no worries, you can simply search for Travellers Near Me, find those who rent out one and explore the place.

  22. The Arts and Literary Festival: Goa is also worth visiting for a writer’s soul. The less crowded beaches with soothing walks and sounds can be inspirational. Every year there is a Goa Arts and Literary Festival which literature enthusiasts should not miss out on.

  23. A Shopaholic’s dream: If you are the shop till you drop kind, you are going to love Goa. If you are into street market shopping you can hit the Wednesday flea market at Anjuna, Tibetan Market at Baga road, MMC Market, Colva beach market, Palolem market, Arapora Night market, Mackie’s Night Bazaar, etc. While for high-end you can try Le Souk, Jade Jagger Beach Boutique, etc.

  24. The wheels of fortune: Goa has several casinos such as Casino Royale, Casino Carnival, Casino Pride, etc. which you can play at. So try out your luck, and irrespective of a win or lose, enjoy!

  25.  Getting inked: Goa houses some great tattoo artists. So, if you are up to it, go a bit wild, or maybe romantic, and get yourself inked. After all, you live only once and a tattoo can always be removed! 

Surely, all these activities and experiences that Goa offers are tempting enough for you to decide upon Goa as your next tourist destination. If so, what are you waiting for? Look out for Goa tour packages, choose one which suits your taste and need, pack your beach clothes, and get ready to experience life at Goa!


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