10 Best Tour Operators And Travel Agencies In India

10 Best Tour Operators And Travel Agencies In India

Exploring is inborn to humans and Travel is a need which soothes our wandering spirit.

Every once a while we all need that tour, that trip which rejuvenates our daily monotonous life. And if you are looking to find that perfect tour which is made exactly for you, you may want to take a look at some of the best Tour Operators and Travel Agencies in India, and hence, we have for you our list of top 10 of them. Choose one which suits your taste, and maybe you’ll find a tour which is your calling.

10 Best Tour Operators And Travel Agencies In India:

Swastik India Journeys: Swastik India Journeys is a travel agency with its headquarters in Jaipur in Rajasthan, India. They offer great services due to their first-hand knowledge about Indian tours specifically. Their services are customized and thus they provide tours tailored to clients needs, which lets them have an incredible travel experience. They have highly experienced professionals at their service and have created for themselves a strong network. They give attention to details, choosing the finest restaurants and hotels, and providing tour escorts and guides who are English speaking too. Comfort and safety of customers is their top priority.

Bout India: “Explore our bouts and get inspired to travel India!'' This is Bout’s promise. They aim to inspire within the tourist a thirst to discover the mother Bout India is a tour company, travel agency, and more than anything, a destination management company. Bout is based in Jaipur in Rajasthan, India, and offers fully customized trips to Southeast Asia, and India. They are a young and energetic team which handcrafts for clients meaningful and extraordinarily memorable journey to let them the best Indian hospitality. They boast of a secure payment gateway so that tourists can travel any part of India, in any way they want to.

Encounters Travel: Encounters travel conducts tours which give good value, are for smaller groups, full of adventure, offers sights of exciting and exotic destinations, gives insights in culture, and of course lots of fun. No matter if you need an active tour full of adventure, or a slow-paced cultural tour, or anything else; no matter if you want a tour for couples or a family trip or even if you are a solo traveller; Encounters travel plans tours for everyone and everything.

Travellers Near Me: Travellers Near Me offers for its clients tours which are about warm memories and life-time experiences. Their off the radar and off beaten destinations are travel solutions that clients can look forward to. Travellers Near Me provide an array of tour themes such as adventure, spiritual, family, honeymoon, etc. No matter if you want to travel for leisure or work, they can design and customize tours specifically for you. Their beliefs in responsible tourism enables them to conduct small group tours which are in harmony with the local culture and benefits the community they are visiting. Thus, they cater to their clients, a culturally diverse and still similar India, an India which is beautiful in its own and creates for you a lifetime of memories.

Exodus Travels: Travel Exodus Travels was founded with travel and adventure in the focus. They have experience of tour operations across 171 different countries so that they can provide you with a one of a kind travel experience. They have been nominated for various awards for it too. They are in the habit of doing extensive planning, carrying out proper research and fact-finding, and accordingly training the staff. Not only that, their team members have formerly been experts in travel-related fields such as mountain leaders, wildlife guides, ski & diving specialists, and even professional archaeologists. These things make them experts in this sector. They also believe that tourists are guests and thus, they make sure that tours are planned to minimize the impact on the host places.

Peregrine Adventures: The name ‘Peregrine’ originates from the word ‘Peregrinate’, which means to walk, migrate, or go for pilgrimage. Originally, Peregrine was a trekking company, which has later expanded to become a travel agency. Now they offer small group tours across the seven continents and 80 countries situated within them. The stress here is on the ‘small group’ as they don’t believe in organizing grand tours with fellow tourists feeling like strangers. Instead, they work towards – intimate, authentic, and memorable. Thus, their tours are specially for those with an inquiring mind, and those who enjoy walking on the off-beat track. It’s about comfort and not luxury.

On the Go Tours: ‘On the Go Tours’ was established in 1998, and its inauguration too was done on the Go during Christmas when on a tour to Egypt. Since then, they have worked with passion to provide authentic travel and adventure experience for their clients. Which has resulted in them having expanded and spread out to 6 continents and 60 various destinations within them. They have a variety of travel styles as well as trip themes you choose from such as festival tours or party tours, adventure tours, etc. Or you can simply get an independent tour tailor-made for yourselves. And yes, they provide English-speaking local guides too.

G Adventures: G Adventures was started in 1990 by Bruce Poon with a dream to share his travel experience with everyone. 3 decades later, they have 23 offices with 2000+ employees catering to 150000+ travellers/year. Quality service is what you can expect with G Adventures. They are well-reputed globally as Tour Operators and have received various awards. Their tours have a sense of adventure in them, also they believe in Responsible tourism. Thus their tours give back to the local community which they are visiting.

GeTS Holidays: Headquartered in New Delhi, with 200+ staff, GeTS Holidays are one of the leading travel agencies which provide travel for leisure, meetings, conferences, events, etc. They have a large network of partners as well as offices all over India which helps them serve their clients better. Utmost customer satisfaction is on the focal point for GeTS. They create tours which can take travellers beyond the very obvious sights to see undiscovered places, local people and cultures, etc. They believe a little cultural shock can be healthy. They provide tours with perfectly planned itineraries for every travel interest including –  history, adventure, couple, travel, solo travel, etc.

Contiki: ‘Travel with no regrets’ is what Contiki offers. With its past 50 years of experience, they have for their clients the perfect secret formula to create a perfect trip with unique experiences, once-in-a-lifetime moments, every second that counts, and many heartwarming human connections. Contiki conducts tours in 50+ countries, giving a ‘no-regrets’ experience to travellers which also positively contributes to the places and people they visit. They make sure to design the tour around the travellers so that it’ll include as much or as little as they want.

Their motto is simple – ‘your trip, your rules’. This was our list guys. Hope it helps. And lastly happy travelling!